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Blurred Lines: Public Relations & Marketing

Defining public relations (PR) is not easy these days. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) generally defines public relations as: “A strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” More specifically, is PR pitching and landing stories in the media? Creating buzz and awareness for a brand, product or […]

Great Storytelling=Engaging Marketing & PR

Let me tell you a story about marketing engagement. Once there was business whose content marketing (ads and social media) was not driving results. That business sought out the help of a marketing professional who recommended adding storytelling to its integrated marketing plan. That marketing professional was hired because she was a proven writer and […]

Marketing: Disrupting vs. Interrupting

Defining a disruption is easy today. Just look at your news source and Donald Trump is probably the top story as he disrupts his way through the presidential primaries. Disruptive marketing of any sort will shift the paradigm with consumers or voters or patients―whomever you are targeting to take action through your marketing or promotion. […]


The Role of Behavioral Marketing To Enhance Engagement

If you were asked to “stereotype” your customers/patients/clients, how would you define them? The odds are good you would present demographic information such as average age, gender, economic status and geographic location. Behavioral marketing traits would most likely not be part of your “stereotype,” but in today’s digital world they need to be. Behavioral marketing […]

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Are You Creative?

What does it mean to be creative? Are only certain people creative? According to the book “Creativity for Everybody” by Kathyrn P. Haydon and Jane Harvey (2015, Sparkitivity, LLC; amazon.com), each one of us is creative whether we know it or not. “Creativity is the ability to think differently to tackle and overcome challenges,” according to […]